Horseplayers Racing Club prides itself on being a professionally run organization focused on bringing our partners a high quality race horse ownership experience. We provide timely and frequent updates to our partners on all the appropriate training, racing and breeding action. As a result, our partner loyalty and satisfaction rates are high. Below you’ll see a few examples of our satisfied partner’s comments.

George B from Texas

Your responsiveness and flexibility set HRC apart from other Partnerships I have dallied with in the past.

Patrick D from California

I got involved with the club just over a year ago. I initially picked 2 young horses based on pedigree and racing jurisdictions. Come to find out you offer many different levels of participation in the industry for just about anyone who wants to enjoy this fantastic sport. You provide timely updates, always respond to emails and questions, provide winner circle photos, and access to the stables. For me it’s been an all around top notch experience. I recently lost a horse via claim but that hasn’t curbed my enthusiasm as my results are unheard of in the sport. 21 races, 6 wins, and 8 placings, black type, and career earnings during that span of 140k. 28.5% win percentage and 66% in the money. Well done and a big thank you!

Carole L From Virginia

I would like to thank you for reaching out to every partner, no matter how large% or how small%.  I have been in a lot of partnerships, and I have to say, this one is the best.  You always answer questions (no matter how stupid they are) in a timely manner.  Every horse cannot be a winner, but you always have your partners interests at heart.  You always answer my emails in a timely fashion (although it may not be what I want to hear at times) and you are always honest.  I retired recently and had to reduce my holdings in some of the partnerships I am in, all of a sudden, I stopped getting an answer on the phone when I called them, or emails from the partnerships, except from you.  I have been in your partnerships for what, 8 yrs, I don’t know, but I know you run the best partnership I have found.  Thank you for being honest, never forget that! You are welcome to post this on your website if you wish, I stand by every word of it.  Thanks and good luck to us!

Mike B From Alaska

I am in my 2nd HRC group (looking at a third) and would echo the points made above.This is the best organization that I have found for three and low four figure entry into thoroughbred racing. If you have always thought about getting into racing, HRC is ideal for experiencing racing from a recreational angle and finally getting some skin in the game (without raiding the kids college fund or getting a second mortgage on the house).

A few key advantages of HRC for me:Financial: Often it is not the upfront cost of a racehorse but the monthly costs that can be the bigger financial hurdle. Here you can be in for as little as 1-3% (or as  high as you’d like). HRC is an ideal mechanism to spread the costs so they are reasonable for you. Expertise: Partners get people on their side: an experienced manager, a proven trainer, and even team members at the track.

You get the benefits of their experience (HRC is on partnership #150 currently!).  So they know the pitfalls and have streamlined the process, making it easy for you. Fun: Whether you are at the track or watching online, you can get into a professional sport at a very low price point and a very high excitement level. You get the whole process: workout reports, looking at potential races, the entry, and the big race day (something I look forward to each month now). Horses are unpredictable–so you really need people you can rely on. Scott and team fits the bill.

Doug H from Florida

“I first went to Penn National about 35yrs ago.  I’ve been handicapping and loving the races ever since.  I never knew anything about owning a race horse, you gotta have lots of money to do that, right?  It was just a few years ago when I first heard about partnerships, a less expensive way to own a part of a race horse.  Still the skeptic, I got involved with two of them.  The first just wasn’t the level I hoped it would be.  The second, I’ll admit, had a few winners, just don’t ask questions, or offer any input, you won’t like the responses you get.  So that one didn’t go so well.   I came up with my list of requirements if I’m going to join another horse racing partnership and started shopping.

I found Scott Gruender and HRC.  I wrote Scott and said,  “I’m in S. Florida, I want to go to the track and watch my horse run.  I want to be one of the people in the paddock, be along the rail during the morning work outs, or just visit ’em at the stables.  I want to ask questions why certain things happen, and get a professional reply.”   I was probably a little more demanding in that first email, but I knew what I expected.  And the reply I got from Scott blew me away.  Scott is one of the most professional individuals I’ve corresponded with.  He completely listened to what was important to me, and told me exactly how he does things.  He told me what he had available and why he thought it would be what i was looking for.   Sounds good, now it’s time to produce.

Scott came through with everything he promised in that first email.   He set me up to visit my first horse at the barn, watch a morning work out, and I was right there in
the paddock on race day.  From there things continued to grow.  I’ve become a little more involved with some other horses, in areas that I was completely unfamiliar with.
I continue to write question after question, and Scott continues to reply with answers that go the extra mile with thought, concise explanations, and professionalism.

I have learned more about racing, than I knew existed in the past six months, all the rules of the tracks, claims, you name it.  Scott will always take the time to provide information, or answer your questions.  What ever level of involvement you seek, I assure you, you won’t find a better fit than HRC.  Scott does exactly what he says he will.  He will make thoroughbred ownership fun, bring people together and form new friendships, and most of all,, treat you with the upmost respect.   Every involvement in horse racing that I seek, is right here with HRC.”

Mark H from Washington

“Growing up near Arlington Race Course in Chicago, I always wondered what it was like to be on the other side of the paddock fence before a race, to understand the horse’s training from the inside out and to feel the rush of greeting your horse in the winner’s circle. In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to realize all these dreams. The realization of these dreams-turned-experiences were largely due to the great management style and professionalism that Scott brought to the table.

I believe that his demonstrated skills in the business, as well as relationship building and manner when welcoming new, prospective owners not only will help ensure that my family’s experiences inside the paddock will continue to be remarkable, but I also believe that it is this rare combination of professional skills and personal touch that will engender greater participation for his group as it continues to grow and prosper.”

Dave B from Washington

“Prior to becoming partners in Scott’s group, we had no knowledge of horse racing. Scott continues to inform and educate us all in aspects of racing, as well as in-depth information on the partnership horses.

Scott seems to have a natural love for the sport as well as the horses. His commitment to the partners and high level of integrity go beyond his role. We have grown to completely enjoy the sport and being a part of racehorse ownership, largely due to his efforts.”

Mike V from Illinois

“I can attest to a high level of communication and insight that Scott provides on a regular basis. I’ve been involved in a few different racing partnerships and Scott’s is by far the best. His communication style is direct, well thought out and very informative. He sends out regular communication and shares his conversations with trainers. It is much more than just the day we are racing, race number and post. I think that all the ‘small guys’ are made to feel like big time owners and that is how Scott makes me feel, whether I own 1% of a horse or 20%.”

Kent K from Illinois

“I have been a partner in three different partnership groups the last few years. I’m happy to have found Scott Gruender’s Horseplayers Racing Club. The trouble with the first groups I invested in was communicating with the General Manager – there was none. The second club I invested in – the trouble was no communication and still awaiting my portion of winnings and claim money from the horse I owned over six months ago.

I met Scott through a friend and promised myself one more last time. Well, Scott and his team have been a joy to be partners with. He is always there via e-mail or phone. Statements come from Debra on time and correct the first of every month. It has been a dream come true! And a bonus has been that my two horses have won three races already.   I trust Scott and Debra – I have no trouble sending them checks when needed and I would strongly encourage anyone interested in joining us in the Sport of Kings to look no further than Horseplayers Racing Club!”

Tom L from California

“I am hoping that many people like me will see this and know that you can have a pice of horse racing for a small amount of money and have a great time doing it. I am a blue collar worker, married with kids and live in California. I live within minutes from Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, Del Mar and Los Alimitos. Most of these tracks are considered some of the best in the world.

I am older and started getting interested in horse racing late.  When I picked up the DRF and saw that people were offering partnerships, I e-mailed several of them. Some of the partnerships never responded, some e-mailed back and and said send money. However, when I came across Scott and Debbie at HRC, they responded to every question I had without pressure and actually encouraged me to ask more questions. They not only told me about how the club worked, but about horse pedigrees and the racing business in general. HRC sends out e-mails almost weekly on the various horses and partnerships. They arrange for barn tours, race day seats, etc. When one of my horses win, don’t tell anyone but they’ve been winning alot, we are given a winner’s circle photo.

I have invested in several of their partnerships and there are monthly fees, but they are reasonable and Debbie will work with you on payments. I feel that they do this not to only earn a living, but also for the love of horse racing. I really recommend this partnership club. I have explored others while a member of this club, thinking I could branch out, but the customer service with others is in the toilet.

Again, let me say I don’t have a lot of extra money and this partnership is perfect for me. If you have any questions, do what I did and e-mail Scott and ask before you spend a dime. I feel very confident in them and am happy to be a part of this partnership. As they say somewhere on their website, ‘May all your tickets be winners!'”

Robert from Texas

“My wife and I were brand new to the idea of thoroughbred partnerships about a year go. We live in Texas and were looking for a parntership that races horses n our area. There aren’t too many to choose from, but fortunately HRC does. We started off cautiously at first and took baby steps to see how things would go. Our experiences has been nothing short of fantastic. Scott Gruender and his wife Debbie operate HRC. They are extremely helpful and informative. If excellent communication, affordability, low pressure and honesty are what you are after this is without a doubt the right partnership for you. HRC specializes in affordable buy-ins. If you’re looking to spend $100,000 on a yearling, this is not the group for you. HRC is a family friendly partnership where you can be active or passive as you’d like.  You will definitely receive regular updates on your horses, an e-mail monthly newsletter with updates on all the HRC horses, news of additions to the stable and all that. My wife and I now own interests in several HRC horses, including racing and breeding partnerships. HRC makes it affordable and fun. You don’t need to be filthy rich to be a part of the Sport of Kings.